About Rockstar Entertainment
Dj, MC, Photo Booth
Rockstar Entertainment SD is a dedicated wedding DJ company located in Oceanside, California. Owned by Daniel Grunnan, owner, has been in the industry since 1995. Daniel is passionate about being a DJ for weddings and understands the importance of your special day. He makes sure to get to know you, your music taste and your vision for the day to make it a reality.


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Offering a variety of services, Rockstar Entertainment SD’s most popular wedding package features a consultation, DJ/MC and a Photo Booth , Rockstar Entertainment SD makes sure to give you the attention and dedication you need for a successful and unforgettable wedding. Other services available are:

Themed Playlists
Liability insurance
Flat screen
Dance Instructor
Dance Floor
Do-not-play list


Gold Pack:
5 hours $595

Deluxe Pack:
Dj/Mc  + Photo booth
5hours $995

Ultimate  Party Pack:
Dj/Mc + Photo booth, Dance instructor &
Dance Floor

Customize your own package call, text or email for free quote 

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